Saturday, July 3, 2010

Before and After (only pics that are available)

Before I started fixing up my house, I took a lot of pictures so that afterwards I would have some great "before and after" pictures. BUT I just assumed I had plenty of "after" pictures. oops. So, this is what I can come up with:

From Street:


Master Bathroom

Hall Bathroom
(hand washing faucet in the giant tub
was the only way to bathe for
2 weeks while i installed & tiled the shower)

Backyard (pool, deck, fence)

(I looooved having fires out back with friends) :-)

Dining Room Mirror Wall (removed)
(see! no mirror wall)

Attic Ladder
Hurricane Damage, and me fixing roof:
Hurricane Damage: Tree In Pool (miserable to remove)
Turned storage room / pantry into hutch:
Retiled front entry (outside & inside):
Slate tile in sunroom & infamous beer fridge :-)
New door & view of pool
I vote for drawers - they are very nice.
Kitchen in progress:
Lovely mural came with the house:
Who needs a truck anyways?

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  1. Cool pictures! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for all your help here too.
    Oceans of love!