Sunday, December 12, 2010

New House & Project & Job :-)

Here are some pictures of my new house in Pittsburgh, PA: (below description of project scope)

I looked around for a long time, and finally found a house for a great price in a good neighborhood.  This is currently a 3 story house with 6 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a basement.

Big Problems:
-There is an addition on the back that is falling off (one of the baths)
-Bad Roof (and resulting water damage)
-Sloppy plumbing (and resulting water damage)
-Crummy wiring
-Was originally a duplex, I am converting it back to
-Bad Windows (Need lots of work, or replacement)

Big Projects:
-Basement: Finish Basement & Add 1/2 bath (powder room)
-First Floor: New Kitchen, Redo ceilings in Living Room & Kitchen, Fix Plaster, Add stairs (bottom 4 are missing), take out some walls to re-open the floor plan (back to original)
-Second Floor: Convert 2nd Kitchen to Master Bedroom, convert adjacent bedroom to big walk-in closet & master bathroom, Re-do Bathroom
-Third Floor: Plaster work, lay carpet, redo- bathroom
-Exterior: New Roof, Aluminum Soffit & Facia, Possibly Replace Windows


Entry was a mirror wall (due to division into duplex)

Fixed :-)

Not sure why this wall was added...

This one was added when it was converted to a duplex

Taking out the walls

Walls out! 

Archway... being removed 

WHAT?!  Pocket doors still installed?! :-) Sweet! 


Living room with tile ceiling removed

Pre-removal (water damage hidden in this shot)

Upstairs looking down 

 Front bedroom

My current bedroom (I slept on the floor with a camping air mattress & sleeping bag for a short time) 

Wall between master bedroom & master bath (bath is currently a bedroom) 

This is what I found under the wall I removed:  Crazy!  Gold Teeth! ... weird.  :-) 

3rd Floor

3rd Floor Bathroom 

3rd Floor back room 

3rd Floor Back Room View 


Incomplete Pittsburgh toilet... first time I've seen a tank installed with no pot...

Basement stairs

Back addition (coming off...) 

Roof - a little tattered... :-)  :-/  Replacement coming soon, I hope


  1. Wow! This is amazing Tom! I think this house has quite a bit of potential. Gold teeth under a wall????...Priceless! You should melt them down and make a ring :).


  2. If you make a ring out of those teeth... I will never shake your hand again. Just sayin'. - Ted

  3. Hi Tom,
    I look forward to seeing your place in person. Perhaps next year when my travel to Germany slows down a bit. Meanwhile, have fun.
    Merry Christmas,

  4. I'm agreeing with Wayne. Make some money off that gold, haha. Great house.

  5. I can just imagine what that house will look like when it's done. You sure have your work cut out for you.

    Oceans of love,
    Aunt Kathy

  6. So, what did you do with the gold teeth, Tom? :) The house looks interesting! Do you ever wonder how many families lived in that house before you? Anyway, yeah, there's a lot of work to do for your new house. I know you did an amazing job there. How was the replacement of the roof, by the way?

    Sasha Herrick

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