Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Candice & Kelly Arrive! Great Sand Dunes (adventure?)

7/28/2010:  Drive from Denver to Great Sand Dunes
We stopped nearby for a marvelous water fall experience.  It was a rough dirt road up to the 1/2 mile trail, and the trail ended in about 100' of treacherous rock-hopping in the creek, but the falls were beautiful :-)

There is a bit more of the falls around the corner,
(where the man in the hat is looking)
but no people in those pictures.

We arrive at the sand dunes!  Stoked about giant piles of sand in the mountains.  :-)

BUT... despite planning & talking to a ranger, we were lead astray.  Subaru gets stuck in sand.  :-(
We employed many 'brilliant' :-\ efforts to get it out...

And finally, with the help of James (another Subaru driver lead astray)
we were able to use 2 jacks (stood on a frying pan and spare tire)
to jack up the car, put sand under it, and dig it out.  :-)
::sigh of relief:: it worked after a mere 4 hours.  :-)  ...  :-(

SO, we modified out plans a bit.
Backpacking --> camping in parking lot
Staying 2 days --> a brief hike up the dunes and then running away with our tail between our legs.

It was indeed fun though :-) and we kept our spirits up the whole time... pretty much :-)
(point of no return sign...)

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