Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Telluride! and Cave Tour

8/6/2010-8/11/2010:  Candice stayed for a few extra days, and we went to Telluride, a fascinating "couchsurfer.org" experience, Glenwood Springs Caverns, and back to Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was a great time.

Telluride has a free gondola service (public transportation).  It's really neat and well run.

Candice and I hiked to Bear Creek Falls.  The trail starts from a street in the town.  It was really pretty, and the hike was pretty long (1:30 round trip?)

Now for some biking!  Free bike gondola too!  :-)  The trails were fun, I wouldn't call them anything spectacular, but it was a lot of fun riding up in the Gondola and down on the trails.  :-)  I made 4 passes.  :-)

The two Telluride nights we stayed with some awesome people.  We contacted them Via CouchSurfing.org.  Anna opened up her house to us, and we hung out with her and her 3 friends from California.  From what I gathered, they had all been staying on a commune where everything was composted, recycled, and they lived on the waste of normal societies excess.  They were fascinating people and we enjoyed this time.

We left Telluride for Glenwood Springs.  Here we took a gondola (not free) up to the top of the mountain where there is an amusement park and Cave Tours!  :-)  We enjoyed the cave tour greatly, seeing some beautiful and well maintained / protected caves.

Then we went back to Rocky Mountain National Park for one last hike.  We hiked up to Timber Creek Lake, which is a hike I recommend if you are acclimated and in the area.  It's beautiful!  The following day Candice went back to Houston and I started preparing for the biking trip.

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