Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First House. Projects, Renovation, and Conclusion.

Thursday, May 27th, 2010:
Finally a close to the stresses of house selling and the last few days of work.
Explanation: I have been trying to sell my house for ... well, I hoped it would be sold in October, but wasn't finished. Realistically it should have been finished in January, but I was pretty tired and burned out so productivity slowed.

House Projects:
  • Install shower and tile upper section of Hallway Bathroom (Jaccuzi tub existed)
  • Scrub walls throughout house (every single wall) with all purpose cleaner to get grease off.
  • Paint trim & Walls in 3 bedrooms and hallway.
  • Replaster pool (contracted out)
  • Paint hall bathroom
  • Get carpet installed (preparation for possible roommates)
  • Install deck
  • Install new roof (my friends and i tore off old one and did the new tar paper) then ran out of time and energy so I contracted out to get the new roof installed. Lesson Learned.
  • Replace 1/2 of outside siding (most of house was brick) and prime & 2 coats of paint.
  • Hurricane IKE
    A tree fell. It clipped my garage and landed in the pool. The fences all fell down too. I got a fat check from the insurance company, and a lot of projects i didn't think i'd be doing.
    2-3 weeks with no power (read: no air conditioning or fridge)
    New Pool tile and coping
    New Fences
    New roof & decking & soffit(sp?) & fascia & 6 rafters in garage.

  • Sheetrock back of garage, build garage shelves, and paint 1/2 garage.
  • Tear out master bathroom (down to studs) and redo entirely.
  • Tear out Kitchen and Ceiling and Wall (down to studs) and redo entirely.
    New Tile floor, Move Fridge, Gas Stove, Install new cabinets & Travertine Counter top
  • New Central Air (16 seer unit)
  • Fix improperly installed central air unit and some sheetrock (flippin AC installers)
  • Pay to get house re-painted because first color choice was not good.
  • Pay electrician to fix anything that wasn't up to code.
For my records, not bragging or crying.
Purchased house for $120,000
Invested roughly $40,000 (rough ballpark)
Sold House for $202,500
Realtor Fees & Closing Costs: $14,000
Net Income: $28,500
Ballpark Tom hours spent: 2,000-3,000 --> $9.50-14.25/hr --> a hobby that pays that much instead of costing lots of coin is pretty nice i suppose. And i enjoyed most of it. :-)

I hope to find pictures on my other computer (before and after) and that will be my next post.