Sunday, December 12, 2010

New House & Project & Job :-)

Here are some pictures of my new house in Pittsburgh, PA: (below description of project scope)

I looked around for a long time, and finally found a house for a great price in a good neighborhood.  This is currently a 3 story house with 6 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a basement.

Big Problems:
-There is an addition on the back that is falling off (one of the baths)
-Bad Roof (and resulting water damage)
-Sloppy plumbing (and resulting water damage)
-Crummy wiring
-Was originally a duplex, I am converting it back to
-Bad Windows (Need lots of work, or replacement)

Big Projects:
-Basement: Finish Basement & Add 1/2 bath (powder room)
-First Floor: New Kitchen, Redo ceilings in Living Room & Kitchen, Fix Plaster, Add stairs (bottom 4 are missing), take out some walls to re-open the floor plan (back to original)
-Second Floor: Convert 2nd Kitchen to Master Bedroom, convert adjacent bedroom to big walk-in closet & master bathroom, Re-do Bathroom
-Third Floor: Plaster work, lay carpet, redo- bathroom
-Exterior: New Roof, Aluminum Soffit & Facia, Possibly Replace Windows


Entry was a mirror wall (due to division into duplex)

Fixed :-)

Not sure why this wall was added...

This one was added when it was converted to a duplex

Taking out the walls

Walls out! 

Archway... being removed 

WHAT?!  Pocket doors still installed?! :-) Sweet! 


Living room with tile ceiling removed

Pre-removal (water damage hidden in this shot)

Upstairs looking down 

 Front bedroom

My current bedroom (I slept on the floor with a camping air mattress & sleeping bag for a short time) 

Wall between master bedroom & master bath (bath is currently a bedroom) 

This is what I found under the wall I removed:  Crazy!  Gold Teeth! ... weird.  :-) 

3rd Floor

3rd Floor Bathroom 

3rd Floor back room 

3rd Floor Back Room View 


Incomplete Pittsburgh toilet... first time I've seen a tank installed with no pot...

Basement stairs

Back addition (coming off...) 

Roof - a little tattered... :-)  :-/  Replacement coming soon, I hope