Sunday, April 17, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel!!! :-)

So, I have one month left (or so) and just now I realized that December 1st to May 1st is 5 months and not 6.  SO... my original goal of 6 months is to June 1st.  It is just a semi-arbitrary personal goal (6 months) but I feel good that I might be able to make it, or even come out early.

I have a new Neice.  Catherine Block.  (suuuper cute & healthy)
I am dating Jenny (picture below).  I met her at church (Open Door).  She is currently finishing up pre-reqs and applying for Physician Assistant med school.  She has a heart for missions and Jesus.
I got a haircut after 9 months of no haircut.  It was well-needed.  :-)

House Updates:
I have made some solid progress on the house.  It feels like I can see a glimpse of what it will look like.  We finished painting most of the first floor Friday and the hard part (prep work) of painting the rest of the house is done.  We also built a deck with a roof and framed in much of the basement.

Bullet Points:
  • New Roof
  • Rewire Complete
  • New Windows
  • Plaster fixed (whole house)
  • Paint mostly done (trim everywhere, first floor walls, ceilings everywhere)
  • Master bathroom done (90%)
  • Plumbing done for Kitchen Sink & 2nd Floor Bathroom
  • Deck & Stairs Done

And... pictures:

Jenny & Me

Snow Day!

Super leak from lack of roof finishing (my fault)
But, this was before the plaster guys came through, so no big loss. :-)

 Master Bath under construction

Master Bath done (picture before plaster & paint)

My Fridge with snow in it :-)

New windows, New Roof, New Soffit & Fascia

Deck Under Construction

Deck mostly done.  Slate covers up old addition entrance.

Basement Framed in, New Hot Water Heater

Kitchen Sink Plumbing 

Plaster Done, Pre-Paint

and... Post-Paint.  Stairs going up to 3rd floor will be carpeted
and Stairs going down will be oak.

Laundry Room floor in progress

Master Bathroom Covered for paint spraying

Downstairs post-paint.  Some trim still to be installed.
(Baseboards & around walkway on left side of screen)

Some paint done.

And... that's all for now. :-)  I'm hoping to finish in 1 month, when I will post more pictures of the final gig.