Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mexican War Streets - Garfield Ave House Updated

Well, It has been a busy Spring. With plenty of Ups & Downs, of course.  I went to Nepal (thanks for everyone's support, Financially and in Prayer. On the house, we did a full re-wire, mostly new plumbing, installed a few bathrooms, laundry room, wet bar, kitchen, tile, some roof deck work, and a bunch of drywall.

I have some pictures of the progress, and I hope we will have everything completed by May 1st... certainly hope by May 15th.

New Front Doors
(Just installed, hardware & final coats of Poly coming soon)

Behind those front doors, is a small airlock.

New recessed lights

Living room with most ductwork covered (left side)
Exposed duct on right will be covered along with gaping hole in ceiling. :-)

Pocket Doors - No change has been made

Showing a Plumbing / HVAC Chase.
We put in a recirculating hot water system,
so we insulated the hot water pipes in the whole house.
So... instant hot water on 3rd floor, and everywhere else! It's nice.

Under the Master Bathroom

Kitchen Progress

Sunroom / Breakfast Room
This is where I was sleeping initially.

View of the back of the house.
We replaced rafters & Decking & Gutters on these two roofs. (along with shingles etc.)

Hard to visualize from this picture & this angle...
but this will be a small powder room on the 1st floor.

Front doors being stained

Up to 2nd floor. Laundry room is behind beveled wall.
2nd Floor hall bath is the doorway on the right
Straight ahead is the 2nd floor porch (seen above) and a 2nd floor bedroom.

Laundry Room

2nd Floor Hall bathroom.  This will have a clawfoot tub.

2nd Floor Bedroom (with door to 2nd floor porch out the back)

Clawfoot tub for 2nd floor hall bathroom.

Master Bedroom (full of spare original trim & floorboards)

Master Bathroom

Brian is laying-out the floor in the M.Bathroom Shower

Plumbing for 2 vanities.

M. Bathroom Closet 1 (of 2)

Tile going in...

I am getting excited about this... as you can see from all the pictures. :-)

Now on up to the 3rd floor

My current Bedroom (bed has been made...)

3rd floor bedroom closet

3rd floor hall bathroom

3rd Floor Front room - Will be a Media Room

And... Wet bar partially installed w/ mini fridge.
3rd floor is a long way from the kitchen, so I thought this would be a nice touch.
AND... it has instant hot water! :-) I keep getting teased for putting $500 behind the walls with this...
so I keep saying it to get the word out there.

Door to spiral stairs to roof deck.

Rooftop Deck Mostly Finished

Daytime City View

This is a "dusk" view from the Roof Deck.
Soon, I'll borrow someone's good camera for a clear "night" shot...
Maybe with Pirate's game fireworks.

Nighttime City View

And... down to the basement
We did all new wiring, including cable & cat-5 phone. About 2,000 ft of electrical wire.
(The other side of the main beam looks the same)

We moved the stairs from under the servant stairs to under the stairs to the 2nd floor.

This is a house in Friendship that I am looking at buying at the moment.