Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finished & SOLD!

Hi Friends!

So, my house is now finished, and sold.  Well, we plan to close on Aug. 29th. I ended up making a decent profit, so I plan to continue fixing up old houses.  It was a loooong haul, but my hope is that as I continue, I will manage time and money better, thus lowering stress.

I have begun taking better care of myself. I'm trying to balance work & play. I rode my bike at least once a week for the past 3 weeks. And, next week I'll be at the beach.  Woot!

Currently, I'm rehabbing some houses for my Realtor's friend, and now my friend too, Ray.  One on Pittsburgh's Northside and one in an area of town called Lawrenceville.  We hope to finish the one on the Northside this coming week.  Then, we'll manage the Lawrenceville house, Aunt Karen's kitchen, and looking for a new place to fix up / rent / flip / undecided (based on the economy).

Here are some finished Pictures.  If I have time, while on vacation next week with the family (in Ocean City, NJ), I'll do a "before and after" shoot which should be pretty interesting.