Thursday, May 14, 2015

Shady Ave - Progress Pictures

1543 Shady Ave
6 Bed, 3.5 bath

I partnered with Mike McHale and we formed Berna-McHale LLC. This is our first project together, and is going 'pretty much' on-schedule and on-budget. We eliminated a few frivolous add-ons and had some hiccups with contractors not showing up. Overall we are only 2 weeks behind schedule. It looks like we will complete the project by mid June at a 4 month turn-around.

Project Scope:

Remove chimney between Dining room & Kitchen
Open up Kitchen to Dining Room
Open up Master Closet
Major renovations of all 3.5 bathrooms
Remove all knob and tube
Install super high efficiency boiler & water heater
Refinish floors
Fix plaster & Paint Throughout
New Kitchen
Move Laundry to basement
Create patio out back
Significant Landscape work
New light fixtures through out
Brick-work on garage
New garage door

Here are a bunch of pictures from yesterday evening, May 13th. I took them to assist in picking out Vanities & Lighting Fixtures, but it's a bit of a teaser & shows some of the flavor for the completed project.

(bulkhead after load-bearing brick wall was opened up)

(floor leveled & tile laid)


(servant stairs opened up, was pantry from bottom & closet from top)

(view from the bottom)

This picture is looking through where the chimney was into the kitchen.

The wall on the right, here, has been removed (was the chimney)
The door straight ahead has been covered.

This is the dining room, as seen from the Kitchen
(once again looking through where the chimney & wall used to be)

Back of kitchen & nook

Front porch has been tiled
Louvered windows removed to open it up

Significant landscaping happening out back

Garage door has been mostly paid for, waiting on install.

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